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On this website/blog, you will get genuine and quality information about Fitness. Here we provide you with the best fitness information tips, which will help you to keep fit & healthy in life. All the information in Fitnessinfotips.com are being shared by fitness expert (Bishal Singha) which have a lot of knowledge and experience for many years.

About Me / Founder of Fitness Info Tips

Bishal Singha, Founder of Fitness Info Tips

Hello, I am Bishal Singha, the founder of Fitness Info Tips. I am a Fitness Expert and Nutritionist. I have been experienced in fitness for more than 5 years. I have also trained many people and helped them to transform, to stay fit and healthy in life. At Fitnessinfotips.com I give all the fitness-related information from my 5 year+ experience, which will definitely help you a lot. So stay connected with us and get fit with F.I.T (Fitnessinfotips)


Our mission is to educate and provide you with real and genuine information about fitness so that, you and your family can stay fit & healthy in life, forever. Fitness is not only about looking physically fit, but fitness is all about being fit & healthy physically and mentally, inside and outside. So stay connected with us and get fit with F.I.T (Fitness Info Tips).

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